UniCarriers CF30 Forklift

UniCarriers's new 3,000 lb capacity cushion tire forklift

Common Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Recycling, Beverage/Bottling and Trucking.

The CF30 is backed by the best standard, limited warranty in the business. UnicCarriers is committed to providing you with the ultimate in performance, reliability, and value.



UniCarriers CF30 Gas Lift Truck Features

With features designed to exceed expectations in the areas of low cost of ownership, fuel efficiency, performance, emissions regulations, and operator comfort the new UniCarriers Forklift Platinum II Series CF30 is the result of UniCarrier’s relentless pursuit in achieving the perfect balance between the needs of the Owner, Operator and the Environment.

UniCarriers’ rugged Platinum II Internal Combustion (IC) CF30 forklift is built for a variety of tough inside and outside applications. Our industrial LP, Dual Fuel (Gas/LPG) or Gas engines deliver greater torque and horsepower. Our fuel management system (LP/Gas) optimizes engine operation to provide excellent fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. Each Platinum II CF30 lift truck comes standard with our comprehensive engine protection system to warn operators in case of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure, providing extended engine and drive train life for your lift truck investment.

UniCarriers Features

  • GCT K21(2.1 liter) and K25 (2.5 liter) electronic fuel injected industrial engines in LP, LPS or dual fuel
  • Engine/transmission protection and warning systems
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Full suspension seat
  • Programmable service reminder
  • Operator PIN access
  • One-piece, no-tool floorboard & removable side panels
  • Wide engine access
  • Wide range of options available for chassis, mast and operator compartment

UniCarriers Advantages

  • Among the lowest emissions in the industry —3X lower CO than a leading competitor and EPA/CARB 2010 Certified
  • Intuitive standard on-board diagnostics / LCD meter panel
  • Optional economy mode reduces tire wear and saves fuel
  • Optional travel speed control
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Seat-actuated Operator Presence System
  • Simplified LP tank replacement
  • Optional high visibility carriage for improved sightlines
  • Optional high-visibility OptiView® mast

UniCarriers Exclusives

  • GCT K21 and K25 engines deliver greater torque at lower RPMs
  • 5-piece componentized overhead guard cuts replacement time by 75%
  • Simple, zero maintenance cushion stability control
  • Single handle lift and tilt control lever


Reduced Operating Costs Is A Key Feature of the CF30

The Multi-function LCD panel with on-board diagnostics reduces service time. You can provide us the code when you call if there is an issue. Programmable service reminder settings keep periodic/planned maintenance on schedule so you never miss a planned service. An opening in the dash panel allows for fast brake fluid level checks.

No tools are required to remove the one-piece diamond tread floorboard, promoting fast, simple access to hydraulic and other serviceable components. Detachable side panels and a wide-open hood provide a roomy area for service technicians. Unique five-piece overhead guard simplifies replacement of individual components if necessary, saving time and money.


Formerly the Nissan Forklift K-Series Industrial Engines

Platinum II CF30 cushion tire models are powered by GCT K21 (2.1 ℓ) and K25 (2.5 ℓ) electronically controlled fuel injected industrial engines which include a bottom-bypass design with thermostat to eliminate hot spots during start up and prolong engine life. Designed and tested specifically for industrial applications, K21 and K25 engines deliver power and torque (in the low rpm range) more efficiently. An engine protection and warning system is standard, reducing speed in case of excessive heat generation or oil pressure loss.

CF30 engine system includes three main components [Engine Control Module (ECM), Vehicle Control Module (VCM), and Multi-function LCD]. The ECM analyzes engine performance parameters and optimizes engine operation for enhanced productivity and lower fuel consumption. The ECM responds to sensor input by controlling basic engine-related functions (proper air/fuel ratio, torque and speed) based on application requirements. The VCM monitors sensors for changing conditions, alerting operator through warning indicators located on the meter panel. Communication among these components occurs through a Controller Area Network (CAN) system.


The CF30 Features Lower CO and HC+NOx Levels

UniCarriers global commitment to preserving and protecting the environment is evident in our low emission engines. K21/K25 engines include a three-way catalytic muffler and an automotive-type, closed-loop design, providing cleaner exhaust emissions through lower CO (Carbon Monoxide) and combined HC+NOx (Greenhouse Gases) levels. An additional benefit, operators will experience low noise levels during idle and while driving at maximum travel speeds.


Comfort and Ergonomics Equal a Productive and Safe Operator

The Platinum II Series CF30 Gas forklift offers a variety of operator conveniences for greater productivity including standard full suspension seat for enhanced shock absorption. Seat includes lumbar support adjustment, weight-adjustment plus operator restraint armrests. Non-cinching seat belt provides greater range of movement. Adjustable tilt steering column includes memory lever.

Operator Presence System has Return-to-Neutral and Auto-Mast Lock (automatically locking mast lift and tilt when the operator leaves the seat). Audible and visual warnings notify operator if seat belt is not engaged while traveling, or if parking brake is not applied before exiting truck.

Floating powertrain includes four independent dampers to reduce vibrations that can cause operator fatigue. Compact front cowl offers generous leg and foot room. Low profile design provides ample head clearance. Hydrostatic power steering system reduces operator effort for easier maneuvering and less fatigue. Automotive-style levers simplify repetitive actions for greater operator focus. Exclusive single hydraulic control lever design combines lift and tilt operations into one fluid motion for greater productivity. Separate control levers available at no charge.


The CF30 Provide Control and Efficiency for the Driver

Maintenance-free cushioned stability control with rubber dampers located between rear axle and body enhance lateral stability under normal driving conditions. Small steering wheel delivers control and provides operator with clear view of meter panel with visibility to warnings and indicators. Control of maximum travel speed is adjustable through the meter panel by a trained service technician.Welded metal assist grip combined with replaceable metal traction plate bolted to a wide, low entry step, provide secure footing and grip for this often repeated task.

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