Nissan JC60 Used Forklift

Low hour, excellent condition Nissan JC60 used forklift. This unit comes with a complete inspection, fresh service, steam clean, new seat and new black traction tires. 30 Day Powertrain Warranty


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Ergonomics / Safety ❖ Independent float system (IFS) greatly reduces vibration at every point of operator contact – Brake and inching pedals mounted to the truck frame reduce pedal vibration – Rubber mounted shock absorber within the steering column reduces steering wheel vibration – Top panel design with rubber insulated mounts, rubber seals and fiberglass insulation reduces vibration, engine heat and noise within the entire operator compartment ❖ Full suspension seat with weight and back angle adjustment maximizes operator comfort ❖ 5″ of front-to-back seat adjustment allows greater operator leg room ❖ Hip restraints with retractable seat belts provide greater operator security ❖ Infinitely adjustable steer column enhances operator comfort and productivity ❖ Exclusive single lift/tilt lever allows simultaneous lifting and tilting to increase operator efficiency ❖ Heel/toe pedal design provides efficient motion for reduced effort and fatigue ❖ Separate inching pedal allows full RPM lifting while making precise maneuvers increasing operator efficiency ❖ Durable welded metal assist grip and metal traction plate on the entry step allows safe and easy compartment entry and exit. Metal diamond tread compartment floorboards provide positive footing ❖ Hydrostatic power steering reduces operator steer effort and fatigue ❖ Low front cowl design enhances forward visibility of fork tips for better load handling efficiency ❖ Textured three spoke steering wheel allows excellent visibility of the dash display for greater operator awareness of truck status ❖ Dash display visibly communicates the following truck status and warnings for operator awareness: fuel level, hour meter, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, torque converter oil temperature, coolant level warning, battery charge indicator, LPG tank bracket lock warning, and air cleaner condition indicator ❖ Audible back-up warning alarm promotes a safer work environment ❖ Standard light package includes two front overhead guard mounted headlights with protective guards for greater operational visibility

Performance / Durability ❖ Nissan’s powerful H25, 2.5 liter, in-line four cylinder engine features an oversquare design which efficiently produces superior horsepower with reduced vibration and noise delivering speed and power for the toughest applications requirements ❖ Nissan designed engine and transmission system effectively utilizes all available torque to provide exceptional power and performance ❖ Dual hydraulic filtration keeps system free from contaminants increasing reliability and component life ❖ Rugged, fabricated steel I-beam steer axle construction, protects steer cylinder components while providing reliable performance ❖ High air intake system on the overhead guard pillar pulls in cool, clean air for better engine performance ❖ Cyclone air cleaner with replaceable filter keeps contaminants out for longer engine life ❖ Hydraulic load sensing valve system redirects unused oil within the power steering system to the lift circuit to increase lifting speeds, resulting in faster cycle times and greater productivity. Also permits delicate load positioning at engine idle  ❖ Self-adjusting, self-energizing brakes are sealed to keep contaminants out resulting in longer component life and reliable performance ❖ Contoured counterweight design enhances truck maneuverability ❖ Rugged, unitized frame design incorporates an integral hydraulic tank for better heat dissipation, increased durability and long life ❖ Piccolo exhaust system disperses exhaust without dirt and debris kick-up ❖ Corrugated fin-type radiator with engine shroud provides enhanced cooling performance ❖ Nissan’s flat face mast design features rolled steel channels, large cross sections, and thick inner rails for increased capacity retention ❖ Powder coat paint provides a durable, high gloss finish inside and out for increased scratch resistance, improved U.V. protection, and an exceptional appearance ❖ JC80 Boxcar solution features include a high profile counterweight, panoramic mirror, tight turning radius, and exceptional maneuverability

Serviceability ❖ Clamshell hood design opens nearly 90 degrees for maximum accessibility to engine and truck components. Two gas springs assist and retain the hood in the open position ❖ Two-piece steel, diamond tread floorboard is easily removed for access to components and grease fittings ❖ One-touch radiator cover is easily removed, without the use of tools, for cooling system checks ❖ Hatch in the floorboard allows quick and easy transmission fluid level checks ❖ Opening in the dash panel allows quick and easy brake fluid level checks ❖ Five-piece reinforced overhead guard design allows easy replacement should parts become damaged; slotted design allows excellent upward visibility for load handling and placement ❖ Nissan’s exclusive swing-out LPG bracket simplifies tank changeout. A lamp on the dash display warns the operator if the bracket is not properly locked in place (Not available on JC80 Boxcar) ❖ All grease fittings are easily accessible for routine maintenance ❖ Side thrust rollers on the fork carriage are easily accessed for carriage adjustments

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