Advance SC750-26D Used Scrubber

Factory reconditioned Advance SC750-26D used scrubber. This unit comes with new batteries, pads, squeegees and a 110V charger. 60 Day Powertrain.



The Advance Convertamatic® is the Perfect

Combination of Simplicity and Flexibility.

All Convertamatics come standard with an integrated Smart Solutions'”
system that allows the machine to operate for 1 hour and 20 minutes per
dump & refill cycle with the Convertamatic’s 20 gallon (76 L} solution and
recovery tanks. At the same time, the integrated Smart Solutions system
features pre-set scrub settings that combine solution flow and scrub
pressure into simple operator selections for regular, heavy, or extreme
scrubbing conditions. The combination of these features makes the
Convertamatic the ultimate in One-Touch'” operation for instant training,
increased safety, consistent performance, and maximum run-time.
The Advance Convertamatic family of scrubbers features three scrubbing
configurations on a single platform – 24 inch, and 28 inch scrub decks
are available with cylindrical scrub heads, and a 26 inch disc scrub
head is also available. Additionally, the scrub decks are tools-free
interchangeable on all of the machines.
The Convertamatic has many important new safety features:
• Soft-Touch'” Paddle System allows operators to depress drive paddle
directly to the handle bar without pinching fingers.
• UltraFiow'” Squeegee System provides best-in-class recovery of
solution on tight turns to greatly reduce the potential for slippery
moisture to be left behind.
• Standard onboard battery charger and optional gel batteries to
eliminate battery maintenance, fumes, and acid spills.
But that is not all …
Convertamatics also are available with AXP'”, a patent-pending, onboard
detergent dispensing system that offers exclusive features and benefits
that will redefine onboard detergent dispensing.

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