Advance 7765 Sweeper Scrubber

The 7765 High Capacity Sweeper/Scrubber is available in gas, L.P. and diesel versions, and comes loaded with impressive standard features. The Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber features power steering, a large debris hopper and dust collection system, and variable dump system. Other performance enhancing attributes include a heavy-gauge welded steel chassis with wraparound bumper, all-steel construction, an Accu-Track™ breakaway squeegee, and rack and pinion power steering for smooth and easy handling.



Advance 7765 Rider Scrubber Sweeper

Advance’s new 7765 combination floor sweeper scrubber

Common Applications: Warehousing, Manufacturing, Trucking, Distribution, Food and Beverage/Bottling, Entertainment Facilities, Arenas

The powerful and durable 7765 from Advance can handle the roughest and toughest jobs you can put in front of it. Ideal applications include manufacturing plants, discount warehouses, and food warehouses where there's a lot of ground to be covered. The 7765 sweeper-scrubber not only sweeps up everything in its path, but it also has the scrubbing power needed to handle anything from parking garages and outdoor arenas to automotive plants.


The Advance 7765 high capacity sweeper/scrubber is designed to maintain your Industrial facility inside and out. The 7765 collects debris while powerfully scrubbing dirt, grease and grime – all in a single pass – leaving your facility with a clean, dry floor. Big on performance and capacity, this true sweeper-scrubber can handle your toughest cleaning jobs. The Advance 7765 is the most powerful, reliable, and largest sweeper/scrubber on the planet.

The 7765 is currently cleaning 10’s of millions of square feet in the toughest applications world wide. This model will perform efficiently, reliably and productively, and makes an excellent investment for any business looking for heavy-duty sweeper-scrubbers. This machine is rugged and will provide aggressive scrubbing and dust-free sweeping for the convenience of one-pass, large-area industrial cleaning.


The high capacity model offers a high level of performance that you won’t find in any other model or brand. Its 16 cubic feet debris hopper, 54 inch wide scrub path, along with stainless steel 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks makes it the most productive machine in its class.

A unique tilt-out recovery tank makes the clean-up process quick and easy. A highly powerful downward scrub brush, featuring an incredible 600 pounds of pressure, allows you to demolish even the toughest grime. Maintenance is extremely easy due to an easily accessible engine, electrical and hydraulic components. This model also features the patented Accu-Track squeegee system, which provides you with a dry floor even after the tightest turns.

The aggressive 7765 features all hydraulic operation and up to 600 pounds of downward scrub brush pressure for deep cleaning. The patented Advance Accu-Track™ squeegee system leaves a clean, dry floor even in tight turns. The 7765 is powered by your choice of an 86 hp General Motors® gas or LP, or a 47.3 hp Mitsubishi® diesel engine – each of which meets stringent EPA emission regulations. Heavy-duty, all-steel construction and welded steel chassis assure durability even in harsh conditions.

The large capacity Nilfisk-Advance 7765 features massive 100-gallon stainless steel solution and recovery tanks, and an all-steel 16-cubic-foot debris hopper. The broad 54-inch scrubbing and 60-inch sweeping paths make fast work of large areas. Dust is minimized via the 107-square-foot dust filter with automatic shaker system.

Added productivity comes from low maintenance construction, all hydraulic systems and power steering. The huge recovery tank enables longer floor time, and it tilts out for easy dumping and cleaning.

This rugged sweeper-scrubber also delivers enhanced safety. Electric drive and rack-and-pinion power steering systems give you full control. Rider position assures clear sight lines, and an ergonomic operator’s compartment reduces fatigue.


  • Independent dry sweeping system picks up dirt and debris, while brush drives aggressively scrub the dirtiest floors
  • 600 pounds of downward brush pressure scrubs off even the deepest embedded grime
  • 100-gallon stainless steel solution/recovery tanks with tilt-out cleaning
  • Accu-Track™ squeegee provides superior water pickup even in tight turns
  • Easy-access engine, electrical and hydraulic components make maintenance a breeze
  • Deeply-padded seat and power steering provide operator comfort


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